The following is a typical day at The Little School:

9.00: Happy hello’s and welcomes, followed by a change into indoor shoes and self-registration.

9.15: When everyone is settled, children have a period of free play when they can select what they would like to do, either from the equipment laid out for them or from the labelled drawers. This will include playdough, jigsaw puzzles, Montessori apparatus and practical life equipment, construction, mark-making, small world play, home corner, book corner or a number of creative and/or messy play activities.

10.00: Snack time. Children are encouraged to try a variety of healthy snacks, including fresh or dried fruits, vegetables, breadsticks or rice cakes, with a drink, all of which they will serve for themselves, and clear away their place setting for the next child. We encourage children to eat healthily and we cook regularly, explaining the importance of a balanced diet, as well as the occasional treat!

10.30: We will spend some time outside, either at the playground, or on a nature or community trail, where we will learn about the world around us and our area in particular.

11.00: Children will again be able to choose their own activities during this time, as well as joining in with games, project work, art activities, cookery, music and movement or singing, all working towards proficiency in literacy and numeracy, and other adult initiated activities. Each member of staff will observe their own group of Key Children and make brief notes, recording these observations in order to enable them to ensure that every child learns and develops at their own appropriate rate, as well as to plan next steps and future activities.

We have weekly sessions with Penny Poppins, who comes come along to play and sing with us, using stories, bubbles, puppets, singing, dancing and musical instruments to bring alive the topics and themes we are working on at nursery.

11.45: Circle Time – when we all come together to talk about the day of the week, the weather, any festivals or celebrations and about the day generally; what the children have enjoyed, how they would like to extend their play and what other things they have discovered during their very busy morning!

We have Makaton sessions, to build up the children’s confidence in communication as well as speech, and we explore other languages, such as French and Spanish, together with any other languages that the children in the setting speak at home. We ask parents to bring to school books and materials which celebrate their own language and culture, and use these materials as part of our planning in the nursery.

12.15: Coats and outdoor shoes on and time to shake hands and say goodbye until tomorrow!



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Autumn Term 2017

Staff inset morning: Wed 7th September
Term begins: Thurs 7th September
Half Term: Fri 20th Oct – Mon 30th Oct inclusive
Term ends: Thurs 7th December

Spring Term 2018

Term begins: Tues 9th January
Half Term: 12th – 16th February inclusive
Term ends: Fri 23rd March

Summer Term 2018

Term begins: Tues 24th April
Half Term: Mon 28th May - Fri 1st June inclusive
Term ends: Fri 13th July